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Diamond Painting Tools Storage Bag Felt Pad

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1. The color of the mat is helpful for classification and contrast without causing color confusion.

2. Use an inflatable tube. Easy to complete. You can control the firmness of the tube according to the amount of air added, and the tube will not bend when using a soft inflatable tube.

3. With 3 fixed straps. Depending on the size of the puzzle, you can set the belt closer or farther, or closer to the end of the test tube.

4.Not only does this diamond painting pad ensure you can paint in comfort, but this pad also works well as a storage system.

5.This allows you to easily store your paintings without damaging them. This allows you to take your paintings with you to continue your work.


Product size: 118 * 80cm

Product color: black,Grey,Blue,Green

Product application: Diamond Painting Tools Storage Bag Felt Pad

Features: environmentally friendly materials, clear frame, very light

Package Included:

1x felt pad

1x storage bag

1x tube

3x fixed rod

1x inflation tube