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Compartments Diamond Painting Canvas Storage Organizer | tool

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  • Number of compartment:?122448
  • Size:?The vinyl storage rack measure 52" x 8.5". The Strap is 10.75 inches
  • package includes:
    1 Canvas storage rack
    1 Sticky hook
    1 Strap

Product function

  1. Storage for any size diamond painting
  2. Storage for any size vinyl roll
  3. Used to store small short sleeves
  4. Used to store newspapers


  • Hang it anywhere to make your work space more organized, perfect for small studio.
  • Easy to hang up, this gives a stable non-shifting position. Its convenient for you to move it to anywhere effortless. Each pocket is independent, you can remove canvas and vinyl from one pocket without affecting others. Appears to be sturdy and strong enough to hold canvas rolls securely. Vinyl rolls go in each slot easily and two hooks are not easy to slip out.
  • More than just vinyl roll storage - also perfect for diamond painting storage, ribbon, gift wrap organizer and wrapping paper storage, etc.
  • Its good use of not used space. Use it in closet or hanging over the door taking up very little space. Great way to organize your diamond painting canvas without needing a lot of space. 24 compartments are big enough to hold vinyl rolls and everything fit with some room to spare. It fit with room to spare. If you are a big fan of using vertical space. This was just right for you.

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