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AB luxurious polyester cloth diamond Painting Kits | little girl and cat

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✅High-resolution printing using the latest printing methods
✅Contains all the tools you need
✅Fluffy cotton canvas with wavy edges
✅Best resin stones,consistent size, good fit

1.Each kit comes with AB drill
The Aurora Borealis (AB) Diamond is an advanced diamond that is brighter than ordinary diamonds. These iridescent round and square diamonds have a special coating that simulates the colors of the Northern Lights. They're shimmering, ethereal and completely beautiful.adding an element of magic and excitement to your creativity!We will add AB diamonds to every diamond painting.

2.We are using velvet canvas
Velvet canvases are made of a luxurious polyester cloth that is silky-soft,wrinkle-free to cloth with wavy lace to avoid fraying

3.We have more colors than ordinary diamond painting, to preserve details